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Pencil portraits

Personal work

For several years, I lived and worked in Singapore. I loved the food, the heat, the cultural mix, but most especially, I loved the people. Countless times I enjoyed the kindness of strangers - an elderly woman who gently guided me to the side of a heaving peak-hour crowd to zip up the back of my dress; a man who offered me his umbrella when I was stuck in a torrential downpour; the many locals who wanted to spare me the horror of walking in the hot sun by giving me a lift (Singaporeans do not like to walk as much as I do); and, many other instances besides. 


This portrait series features some of the beautiful people in my Singapore life - from Eddie (my colleague) and Louie (my neighbour) to Daniel (my local 'wet market' veggie-man) and Charlotte (my daughters' school mistress).


Each portrait is drawn with graphite pencil, and the splash of colour is digital. They are posted here with permission.

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