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Conjuring animation upon lifeless matter

Light and memory magazine

'Conjuring animation upon lifeless matter' was selected for publication in Light and Memory - journal of storytelling 

- Volume 2, Issue 1. Dedicated to exploring different aspects of storytelling, contributors (and their stories) reflect a range of disciplines and cultures.

My submission is a portrait of my 'mad scientist' nephew, Louie, imagining himself as the creator of new species. Here, he is stitching overgrown insect wings onto a fish with human feet. He's surrounded by preserved body parts waiting for their turn to be transformed, while another creature of his making watches on.

I created the final image from separate drawings on paper (graphite and aquarelle pencil), arranged digitally. 

I use thought bubbles as a device to illustrate thoughts, memories and feelings. Together, a portrait with a picture in a thought bubble captures a moment-in-time to convey the inner world of my subject. 

a boy dreams about creating mythical creatures by sewing different body parts together
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