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Big Night In

PULP ART group exhibition

'Big Night In' is one of my drawings included in the group exhibition, PULP ART. Graphite pencil and ink on paper, 42 x 42cm.

The PULP ART group exhibition ran at The Front Gallery in Canberra, ACT and at The Queanbeyan Hive in regional NSW. Other members of the PULP ART group included Sydney-based Master Printer, Janet Parker-Smith; collaborative group, the Peculiar Annes; and Canberra artists Hans van Haalen and Denise Moule.

'Big Night In' was selected for publication in Light and Memory - journal of storytelling - Volume 2, Issue 1. Dedicated to exploring different aspects of storytelling, contributors (and their stories) reflect a range of disciplines and cultures.

I use thought bubbles as a device to illustrate thoughts, memories and feelings. Together, a portrait with a picture in a thought bubble captures a moment-in-time to convey the inner world of my subject. 

woman laying on a lounge dreaming of overgrown flora
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