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'Eat me' and 'Look at me now'

Womanly magazine 

'Eat me' and 'Look at me know' are published in Womanly Magazine, Issue no. 7: S-E-X,  Celebrating the Spectrum: An Issue on Sexual Diversity (online edition), featuring cover star, Ev'Yan Whitney (they/them).

Each of my drawings illustrates a common sex kink or fetish. 'Eat me' illustrates sitophilia - sexual arousal caused by erotic situations involving food. 'Look at me know' illustrates sexual exhibitionism - arousal or excitement from exposing oneself in a sexual way in front of others (e.g. being watched while performing a sexual act). It was such an honour to have my work selected for inclusion in this issue alongside so many contributors I admire.

Womanly Magazine provides accessible health information to women and non-binary people through visual and literary art. Its subjects include discrimination in the health care system, intergenerational concerns, physical and sexual health.

Woman stares into space dreaming about ice cream and breast licking
A woman ponders people watching her while she masturbates
Womanly magazine cover
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