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South of the Sun - Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century

South of the Sun is an illustrated collection of stories, poetry and illustration for grown-ups. Often dark, the stories visit places where things don't end happily ever after, and a single decision can haunt you forever. Produced by the Australian Fairy Tale Society in partnership with Serenity Press, this beautiful illustrated book of intercultural contemporary work challenges assumptions that fairy tales are for children, are European, and must contain fairies and pale, passive heroines.

I was commissioned by Australian author, Kathryn Gossow to illustrate her story, 'The miraculous tale of the ugliest girl in the world'. While I created three options, it is my drawing of 'Girl' - the main character in Kathryn's story - that was selected for publication. 

It was such a pleasure to do this work; combining my love of pencil portraiture with patterns and colour.

narrative art portrait artist pencil girl draw drawing illustration Rachel Roberts fairytale book
book cover art for South of the Sun
narrative art illustration drawing portrait pencil book fairytale Rachel Roberts
portrait illustration pencil art narrative book fairtale dark Rachel Roberts
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