Thought bubble storytelling

Janice and Tom

I use thought bubbles as a device for illuminating thoughts and feelings. Together, a portrait and a thought bubble capture a moment-in-time, conveying the inner world of my subject. I like to add a text narrative to go with the image; a suggested story. 

Janice and Tom are recent thought bubble drawings. I've couple them here because I used more digital techniques to create the final work than usual, and their portraits use lines and cross-hatching (rather than realistic portraiture).

The floral napkin transported Janice back to the house she passed on her way home from school. The lawn was always dying. The front gate wore a red flower made from painted horseshoes. 

Tom's life had become a performance. He knew it was making him sick, but he had no idea how to make it stop. 

pencil portrait narrative art paper artist Rachel Roberts illustration Tom
narrative art drawing paper portrait illustration Rachel Roberts thought bubble pencil