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Children's picturebook

Here are a few pages from my current project - a new children's picturebook written and illustrated by me. My first goal was to finalise the manuscript, a mock-up of the whole book, and several fully-elaborated pages by 30 June 2021 (tick!). This was the deadline for submitting projects to The Unpublished  Picturebook Showcase 3 2021. My second goal is to finalise the entire book - complete all fully-elaborated pages - and submit it for consideration by publishers outside the Showcase. Predictably, now that I'm in the second phase, I am not only working on new pages, but reworking existing pages. This could take longer than I'd hoped...

If you're an author and/or illustrator, the Unpublished Picturebook Showcase offers the opportunity to have your work seen - and acquired - by publishers from around the world. A jury of publishers vote independently for their favourites, and the projects with the most votes go into a unique book fair showcase and are presented online, year-round, on the dPICTUS platform. Many artists are also approached by publishers and agents interested in their work.


I reckon it's worth a punt!

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