One good idea

Children's picturebook

'One Good Idea' is a children's picture book that I wrote and illustrated. It tells the story of eight-year-old ‘Blue’, who has woken up on the wrong side of the bed. She doesn't like feeling this way; she just wants to get on with her day. And, so begins Blue’s quest to regain her mojo.

Blue searches everywhere – around the house, out in the street and down in the reeds. She wanders around a room of living toys and through a sea of bouncy balls. She even sits in the company of exotic creatures and self-playing music instruments. But none of these things light the spark within her. She’s looking for something else.

Just as Blue is about to give up hope, something miraculous happens; she has an idea. A really good one. Blue slips into the right outfit, gathers up her tools, and begins to bring her idea to life. The day may have begun out of whack, but Blue cleverly transforms it with one good idea.

I entered 'One Good Idea' in the Key Colours Competition (2018); a bi-annual international competition for illustrators of children's books run by Clavis Publishing.