Thought bubble storytelling

Louie and Pasquale

I use thought bubbles as a device for illuminating thoughts and feelings. Together, a portrait and a thought bubble capture a moment-in-time, conveying the inner world of my subject. I like to add a text narrative to go with the image; a suggested story. 


Louie and Pasquale are recent thought bubble drawings. I've shown them together because I've used a more realistic portraiture style - shading and blending.

Louie is created from a number of separate drawings that I've arranged digitally. The accompanying text is: Conjuring animation upon lifeless matter.

Pasquale is based on a photograph I saw in a magazine. It was a captivating shot of an older man looking straight ahead, exuding calm and contentment. The accompanying text is: Pasquale doesn't say much. He prefers quiet  time, deep in his own thoughts. 

pencil portrait illustration Rachel Roberts narrative art
pencil portrait illustration Rachel Roberts narrative art